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The Translation Story
Dedication to Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Bhindranwale & Introduction
Forward: Letters from Gursikhs & Thank you from Giani Ji
What is a Mangal + Giani Ji's Mangal

  1. To do Righteous Work
  2. To give Dasvandhh
  3. To memorize Gurbani
  4. To wake up at Amrit Vela
  5. To do Seva of Gursikhs with love
  6. To listen & understand the meanings of Gurbani from Gursikhs
  7. To keep & engrain the Rehat of 5 Kakkars
  8. To do abhyaas of the Shabad [repetition/reflection]
  9. To concentrate on the Absolute True Form of Satguru Ji
  10. To follow/believe Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  11. To conduct an Ardaas before carrying out any task
  12. To recite Japji Sahib, prepare Karraa Prashaadh[i], recite Anand Sahib, conduct an ardaas, distribute karraah parshaadh to the Panj Piaare,the Reserved Granthi Singhs (Baba Deep Singh, Bhai Mani Singh) and then to the Sangat... Do this at the time of a birth, death, wedding, etc [major events/ceremonies]
  13. To remain seated until the Karraah Parshaadh is distributed
  14. To not engage in sexual relations/living together without conducting an Anand Kaaraj
  15. To know another woman (not related to you) to be your mother, sister, or wife
  16. To never insult/curse a woman
  17. To renounce the Jagath Joott: Tobacco
  18. To Keep Sangat of Rehat-keeping Gursikhs who do Naam Simran
  19. To do every task without laziness
  20. To conduct Gurbani Katha, listen & sing Kirtan
  21. To not slander, gossip nor be jealous of others
  22. To not keep pride in your wealth, youth, family, caste
  23. To keep your way of thinking spiritually elevated & pure
  24. To keep doing good actions/earning good karma
  25. To know/understand that Vaheguru is the Giver of Budhh (right way of perceiving) & Bal (strength/power)
  26. To not believe those that swear oaths
  27. To walk in this world independently/uniquely
  28. To also read about political strategy
  29. To utilize Saam, Dhaam, Bhaed... etc. on the enemy... then going to battle is righteous if the other strategies don't work
  30. To practice Shastar Vidhya & Horsemanship
  31. To have absolute conviction in Gurmat Vidhya. Keep respect and study the knowledge of other traditions but the Sikh of the Guru should keep love & conviction in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  32. To accept & engrain Guru Sahib's Teachings
  33. To stand & conduct an Ardaas after completing Rehraas Sahib
  34. To recite Sohila Sahib upon bedtime
  35. To not keep hair uncovered
  36. To call Singhs by their full name not half of their name
  37. To not drink alcohol nor to serve it
  38. To not marry your daughter to a Bhaadhnee (someone who cuts their hair). Marry your daughter into a home where Akaal Purakh's Sikhi exists
  39. To have all major life ceremonies done in the Presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji & based on Gurbani
  40. To not gossip & ruin someone's work
  41. To not hurt someone's heart by speaking bitterly towards them
  42. To only go on pilgrimage to see Gurdwaras
  43. To stand by your words (lit. Follow up with your commitments after promising to follow through)
  44. To serve guests, travellers, the needy, the suffering, the disabled - based on your capacity
  45. To know your daughter's wealth as poison
  46. To not become a Sikh from only appearance
  47. To maintain Sikhi within every hair & breath of life till we physically die. Know the Kes as equal to Guru Sahib & to respect them in this way
  48. To not steal, not adulterate, not to deceive nor backstab
  49. To trust a Gursikh
  50. To not provide false witness
  51. To not tell lies nor spread falseness
  52. To distribute Langar/Parshaadh in equitable quantities to all

Greatness of the 52 Teachings/Commands

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