Forward: Letters from Gursikhs & Thank-You from Giani Ji


From Singh Sahib Giani Gurminder Singh Granthi, Sachkhand Sri Harmandhar Sahib:

At Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Abchal Nagar Sahib (Nanded), Dashmesh Pita – Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji bestowed Fifty-Two Bachans to Their Children: the Khalsa. These Fifty-Two Bachans are like the fragrant Chandhan/Sandalwood. We are able to enjoy the smell as we walk through the Garden of Gursikhi. Through these Bachans, the mortal can earn Gursikhi and walk the path of spirituality & society whilst fulfilling this human life.
These Fifty-Two Bachans have been written in poetic form as ‘Baavan Updesh’ by daas’ vidhya-daathae (spiritual teacher), the humble, benevolent, and great scholar of the Sikh Panth –  the Honourable Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji. By reading this Granth, one will be able to memorize the Fifty-Two Bachans easily and be able to understand them as well. Everyone will benefit by reading this Granth.
I conduct an Ardaas at the Holy Feet of Sri Guru Ramdaas Sahib Ji so that the Honourable Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji receive encouragement to become eager to carry out further kindness acts in the future.
Singh Sahib Giani Gurminder Singh Ji (Granth Sachkhand Sri Harmandhir Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib)

From Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Kulwant Singh Ji Takht Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar Sahib:

Before merging into Their Own Divine Light (Jothee Joth), Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj appointed Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the Current Guru. At that same time, Guru Sahib shared priceless Bachans with the Khalsa Panth. Today, these are known as the Fifty-Two Bachans. We currently have them available to us due to preservation done by historians. These Bachans are read by Guru Ji’s Sangat with great love and respect. There is a lot of encouragement to earn Gurmat & Guru Ji’s Sikhi through these Bachans. There have been many ways through which Gursikhs have done parchaar of the Fifty-Two Bachans in the past and there will be many ways in the future as well.
On this same point, Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji (Jatha Bhindran, Tallewal) have taken on this initiative of spreading the Fifty-Two Bachans. They have greatly put in hard work to present these Fifty-Two Bachans into Dohara’s. They have named this collection: Baavan Updesh. This particular effort and initiative is praiseworthy. This is why this letter is being written in congratulations. May Satguru Ji bless with further effort and strength to continue Gurmat Parchaar. The hope is that Guru Ji’s Sangat fully receives spiritual benefit after reading this text.

Guru Ka Panth
(Kulwant Singh)
Jathedaar [Takht Sachkhand Shri Hazur Sahib Abchalnagar Sahib]

A Few Words by Sant Giani Gurmeet Singh Ji Khosia Wale (Kaar Seva)

Guru Sahib’s Poetic Vision starts from ਨਾਨਕੁ ਸਾਇਰੁ ਏਵ ਕਹਤੁ ਹੈ (Nanak Saaeir Ev Kahath[u] Hai ~ Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Poet says...) and blossomed all the way to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Fifty-Two Poets. Even to this date, there are many poets that have written about Guru Sahib. Among these poets is Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji. They have presented Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Fifty-Two Bachans in a poetic form. Nowadays, it is a mental requirement to develop techniques in order to bring the mind spiritual fulfillment. My Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is so Great that They bless Their Beloved Gursikhs with the ability to inspire the youth to become eager [to walk on this path]. Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji are a former student but also a teacher at Samparda Bhindran. They maintain and nourish the spiritually disciplined lifestyle of the Taksaal. We can feel the glory of the institution because of this. By teaching a complete [Sikhi] lifestyle to their companions, they then send them to spread Sikhi all around the globe. May my Satguru Ji bless my dear friend with further seva for the Panth.

Guru Panth Da Daas
Sant Giani Gurmeeth Singh Ji Khosiaan Wale (Kaar Seva)
Mukh Sevadaar: Gurdwara Gurusar Sahib Patshahi 6vi
Pind Khosaa Katolaa (Zila Moga)
From Giani Satnam Singh Ji Hanspur, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Int'l Gurmat Vidhyala:
The collection of the Fifty-Two Bachans is a brief Rehathnama given to the Khalsa at Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Just like Gursikhs presented the Rehatnamay in poetic forms after Guru Ji's physical time on Earth, in this way daas' vidhiya dhaathae (spiritual teacher) the Honourable Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji Bhindranwale have presented the Fifty-Two Bachans into a poetic form.
Doharaa in praise of Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji:

KhatguN Mrigaesh naam Bhan, Khat-Sa[m]path[i] Ahae Vishaesh
Saying (Remembering) [Giani] Bhagwan Singh, the 6-Sampathi/Spiritual Wealth (Sam, Dham, Tathiksha, Uparaam, Shardha, Samadhan) reside within them in particular

Mam Akhar Dhhaathaa Bidhath, Thin Padh namo Hamaesh
Know them to be my Teacher of Letters (Gurmukhi/Santhiya/Vidhia), I will always bow down at Their Feet
Daas thinks of himself to have great destiny. As Mahapurakh Ji commanded me to write a commentary on their Fifty-Two Dohara's. So please I beg everyone to forgive all mistakes I have made in writing arthhs/meanings. We do an ardaas – on behalf of the entire Jatha & Sangat: may Guru Sahib bless Mahapurakh Ji with even more encouragement to do seva of the Panth.
Guru Panth da Daas'
[Giani] Satnam Singh
Mukh Sevadaar
Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib International Gurmat School
(Hanspur, Fatehabad, Haryana)
Akaal Sahaae (May Vaheguru Support)
Praem Sandhaesaraa (A Message of Love)
Sahib-e-Kamaal Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji commanded the Khalsa Panth at Takht Sri Hazur Sahib (Nanded) with 52 Bachans. These Bachans were written into poetic form (Baavan Updesh) by our respectworthy Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh Ji Nirmal Bunga Bhindranwale. Along with poetry, there are arths/meanings provided as well. This pothi has been presented & offered to the Sangat in the form of a steek/commentary. Daas understands this to be a praiseworthy initiative to encourage others to write poetry. Daas’ hope is that all of the Gursikh Sangat & future students read, understand, & explain this poetic commentary in order to receive spiritual benefit
Sant Kripaal Singh Ji (Chhannaa Wale)
Sevak Jatha Khaerree Khurdh
Daasan Daas Kaur Singh Khaerree
Dhanvaad/Thank You's
1. Firstly, a million thanks from each and every pore of my body to Akaal Purakh Vaheguru - the Nirankaar/Formless and Their Sargun Saroop/Physical Form Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the Eternal Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. They are the ones who have infinitely blessed this honourless slave in order to write Baavan Updesh.
2. Would like to thank the Honourable & Notable Panthic Figure and the Very Form of Love: Honourable Sant Baba Kulwant Singh Ji (Jathedar - Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Abchal Nagar Sahib Ji). They have lovingly and delightedly commanded to publish this Baavan Updesh granth. They have provided endless blessings and support. They have blessed this slave.
3. I am endlessly indebted to my teacher (Sikhiaa Dhaatae = Giver of Teaching) The Nourishing Mahapurash Sant Baba Karnail Singh Ji. Through their encouragement, daas attained Brahmvidhya from Sant Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji. Having the Sangat of the Great Panthic Figure, the Sun of Spiritual Knowledge, Naam-Abhiyaasi (Practicer of Naam Simran), the Renunciate and Dispassionate towards the World - the Honourable Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Bhindranwale. I also felt the Sunlight of Gurmat from other great Gursikhs as well. Today, I stay in the charan-saran (sanctuary of their lotus feet) of Sant Karnail Singh. They are responsible for teaching Brahm vidhya. They always pray for us and bless us. (Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh teaches at Tallewal asthaan which was connected to Sant Karnail Singh previously, so they are continuing to thank them here).
4. My dear friend, the Honourable Singh Sahib Giani Gurminder Singh Ji (Granthi Sachkhand Sri Harmandhar Darbar Sahib, Amritsar).. who wrote the forward in the beginning and had allowed for blessings and well-wishes from Sri Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji’s Door & Home.
5. A thanks to the commentator of this Baavan Updesh granth: the Honourable Giani Satnam Singh Ji. They received Gurmat Vidhya [from Sant Giani Bhagwan Singh] while living in the Jatha. Following the Ascension of the Sachkhand-Vaasee Honourable Sant Giani Deedar Singh Ji Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur International Gurmat Vidhyala (Hanspur, Haryana), Giani Satnam Singh took on the role of Mukh Sevadaar. There they teach Gurmat Vidhya and spread Gurmat across the world.
6. Thank you to the respectworthy, the great Panthic Scholar, the Ultimate Jewel of Seva: Sant Giani Gurmeet Singh Ji Khosia Wale - who wrote the forward and provided their well-wishes and blessings.
7. The most respectworthy Giani Kaur Singh Ji ‘Khaeree’ had advised on publishing Baavan Updesh & also wrote the well-wishing ‘Praem Sandhaeshraa’. Daas would like to thank all of the great respectworthy beings from the absolute depths of my heart.
The Dust of the Feet of Those who have been drenched in the Naam
blessed by Guru Sahib.
Bhagwan Singh
Gurmat Vidhyala Bhindran-Tallewal

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