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This translation was the first complete translation that daas has been blessed with. There will be loads of errors so please do send your suggestions for corrections.
Certain vocabulary has been kept as is since the English translation would not do them justice. For example: Puratan (referring to olden, ancient).
Gurmukhi excerpts have been kept without translations. Daas hopes it urges you to learn Gurmukhi to investigate the primary sources used as reference.
In Punjabi, there is also a practice to refer to Guru Sahib and respected Gursikhs which bahuvachan (plural). Daas has kept this consistent when writing in English as well. For example: Guru Sahib state (They state) vs Guru Sahib states (He state).

This is a list of all the sections for your convenience Sangat Ji:
Nihung Singh Panth Khalsa
Dark Blue (Neela) Akaali Baanaa
Far'ra (Farla)
96 Crorhee
12 Gurdevs
Short Ardaas
3 Divine-Beloveds (Isht-Dev)
Bihungam Nihung Singhs
Love of Horses
Jorr Melay
The Greatness of the Punj Piaare
Selection of Jathedar
Sarbloh & Langar
Karrhaa Parshaad
5 Kakkars & 5 Shastars
Kamarkassa & Khajana/Khazana
GarrhGajj Bole (Code Words)
The Parkarma
Jhatka & Shaheedi Degh
Anand Karaj
Other Commentaries on Nihung Singhs & Conclusion

Please forgive all mistakes made in translation.
Dhanvaad Khalsa Ji for providing your blessings to complete this seva Ji.
Dhan Dashmesh Pita Kalgidhar Maharaj Neel-Ghor Asvaar Sache Paatshah Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Shah-e-Shahenshah Haq Haq Aaeenaa

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