The Table of Contents of the Panth Nitnem Gutka Sahib as presented by 15th Jathedar Baba Gajjan Singh of Misal Shaheedan Tarna Dal

Puratan Nihung Singhs used to read Punj Granthi and Das Granthi. [Giani Gurwinder Singh Ji] have Puratan Nihung Singh Nitnem Pothis present at Sarbloh Bunga Nangli. Within these pothis, there are Punj Granthi and Das Granthi Bani's. The Average Nihung Singh would read Shabad Hazare (Aad) after Japji Sahib and Shabad Hazaare (Dasam) after Jaap Sahib then 5 groups of Savaiye (Sravag Sudh, Deenan Ki, Jaagat Jot, Nihakalanki, Khalse Ke) then Pranvo Aad Chaupaiee, then Kabyo Baach Chaupiaee then Anand Sahib then Laavan da Paath, Ramkali Ki Vaar, Chandi Di Vaar as part of Their Amrit Vela Nitnem. Some Singhs also read Zafarnamah, Akaal Ustat, Bachittr Natak and other Bani's included in Their Nitnem. In the evening, there would be a minimum of Rehraas, Aarti-Aarta, Kirtan Sohila. The rest of Nihung Singh’s Nitnem can be found written in Panth Nitnem Gutka Sahib.  

Another short post. Please forgive any mistakes made by daas in translation.
All the power and glory of Nihung Singhs comes from Gurbani. Where there is Bhagti, there will be Shakti as well. If you don't have Bhagti, your Shakti won't last that long.
You can request Panth Nitnem Gutka Sahib (Tarna Dal) from Bhai Chattar Singh Bhai Jivan Singh shop in Amritsar (near Guru Gobind Singh NRI Yatri Niwas). 

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