Jorr Melay

Jorr Melay
Maaghi Jorr Mela is held at Sri Muktsar Sahib to honour the Shahaadat of the 40 Mukte and the Bravery of Mata Bhaago Ji.

Nihung Singhs celebrate all the Gurpurabs (a Gurpurab is marked when the anniversary of an event occurred relating to Guru Sahib in Their Five-elemental body; usually Prakash Purab, Gurtagaddi, or Joti Jot). However, there are a few special occasions where all the Dal Panths get together. These six Gurpurabs are especially celebrated by Nihung Singhs: Diwali at Sri Amritsar Sahib, Maaghi at Muktsar Sahib, Dussehra at Hazoor Sahib, Vaisakhi at Damdama Sahib, Hola Mohalla at Sri Anandpur Sahib, and Rakharhh Puniaa at Baba Bakala. These also coincide with India’s most famous holidays. These special events are known to develop Gurmatte (Resolutions developed by Guru Khalsa), hold Amrit Sanchaars, and Mahallay (military procession) respectively by each Dal. In order to honour the Chaar Sahibzaadey, the Dal Panths also get together at Fatehgarh Sahib & Chamkaur Sahib.

Imagine if you ever feel down or away from Sikhi, Maharaj has given us these Jorr Melay as a means to reconnect and rejuvenate our Sikhi via the Sangat. Throughout the year, Gurpurabs allow our wandering minds to come back to Maharaj's Charan. Forgive daas for all the mistakes I've made. Look out for the next Jorr Mela and obtain the real profit of life.
Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Dhan Guru Panth Khalsa

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