Short Ardaas

Short Ardaas
Depiction of Shaheed Sahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji during the Battle of Chamkaur by ArtofPunjab (Kanwar Singh)

Nihung Singhs conduct ardaasaa really quickly. In fact, the Nihung Singh Cavalry completes the ardaas in the short time it takes to mount a horse. Giani Kirpal Singh Ji (Warraich) write about how Baba Mitt Singh Ji Nihung Singh (Mata Sahib Deva’s Sevadaar) often stated that when a Singh does ardaas, he is physically and mentally present in the Hazuri of Akaal Purakh, Kalgidhar Maharaj, 33 Crore Devtay, 9 Crore Deviya, 96,000,000 Shaheeds, 96,000,000 types of clouds, and other types of great beings. All of the Divine Beings are standing on one toe in front of Akaal Purakh yet we are comfortably standing on two feet. If we bother Kalgidhar Maharaj, Shaheed Singhs, and other Pure Divine-Beings then how will our desires be fulfilled? This is why we should conduct a short ardaas. Misl Shaheedan Tarna Dal’s 12th Jathedaar - Baba Bishan Singh - used to do a very short ardaas and would be happy when seeing a short ardaas being conducted.

Translator's Note: This is an explanation of a Nihung practice, this does not counter/condemn a long ardaas. Make your ardaasaa meaningful and be present knowing you are in Akaal Purakh's Hazuri. We can translate a short ardaas before mounting a horse into a short ardaas while starting you car or beginning work/class etc. Please forgive for any mistakes.

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