The Greatness of the Punj Piaare

The Greatness of the Punj Piaare
Five Puratan Nihang Singhs shastardhari to the teeth (in lieu of a picture of Punj Piaare actually based on leadership in a Dal)

Nihung Singhs will follow the Punj Piaare’s Hukam as if it is a Hukam from Kalgidhar Paatshah Ji. Baba Santa Singh Ji 96 Crori and other Puratan Singhs used to say the following about the practice of Nihung Singh Dals:

Five Jathedars are established to develop a Gurmatta among themselves.
1) Granthi Singh 2) Deghiya Singh or Laangari Singh 3) Nishaanchi Singh 4) Nagaarchi Singh 5) Head Jathedar
In Puratan times, these 5 Jathedars would be the ones to administer Amrit and these 5 Singhs would have special importance. All the Dal’s Singhs would accept Their Hukam as Kalgidhar Maharaj’s Hukam.

Have you ever did an ardaas in front of Punj Piaare? Have you thought about the Punj Piaare as a method of governance like it was done in the past?
Forgive for all mistakes Sangat Ji. Stay tuned for more Twarikh Nihung Singhaa translations.

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