Likhari's: Ram-Rai, Seethal Singh Bahuroopia, Raushan Singh, Paakhar Mal, Bhai Shee[n]haa[n] Singh, Raam Singh, Chhounaa Singh, Bulaakaa Singh, & Saahib Singh

Likhari's: Ram-Rai, Seethal Singh Bahuroopia, Raushan Singh, Paakhar Mal, Bhai Shee[n]haa[n] Singh, Raam Singh, Chhounaa Singh, Bulaakaa Singh, & Saahib Singh

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Likharee Raamraai (can be written as Ramrai but not to be confused which 7ve Paatshah’s son who was excommunicated)
There is reference to this name many times in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji’s Hukamnaamay. There is a Hukamnama addressed to Bhai Ramrai and Dhaaee-Laado (Daee-Lado) from Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. They were a masand at Patna Sahib, son of Utham Chand the Goldsmith, and a great scribe. There is a handwritten saroop by Bhai Ramrai (dated 1749 Bikrami/1692CE) which is kept at Takht Patna Sahib. There is a note at the end of the saroop:
‘Likhathng Gulaam Khaanzaadh Sangath Kaa Keet Ja[n]th[u] Utham Cha[n]dh Suniaar Kaa Baetaa|
This Scribe is the Slave, the ant of the Khaanzaadh Sangat, son of Utham Chand Goldsmith
Raamraae[i] Sikh Fakeer, Gur Poorae Kaa Bhulae Chukae BakhsaNaa, Sa[n]gath[i] Guroo Kaa Sadhkaa|
Ram-Rai is a Fakeer Sikh, May the Perfect & Complete Guru Forgive my mistakes, I am a sacrifice to Guru Sahib & Their Sangat’
‘Ik-Oankaar Eh[u] Gira[n]thh Phathae-Cha[n]dh Kae Gira[n]thh Kaa nakal[u], Phathae Cha[n]dh Kaa Gara[n]thh Puhakar Kae Gira[n]thh Kaa nakal[u], Puhakar Kaa Gira[n]thh naal Sodhhiaa Hai |
Ik-Oankaar, this granth was copied from Fateh Chand’s Handwritten Saroop. Fateh Chand’s Handwritten saroop was a copy of the Puhakar saroop and that saroop was referred to when doing corrections
Pa[n]jvae Mahal Gurdhaas Bhalae Paasah[u] Likhvaaeiaa See | Jo Os Gira[n]thh naal[i] Sodhhai So Gira[n]thh Sudhh Hovai |
Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji had it scribed by Gurdaas-Bhalla,
They had proofread based on that saroop as well.
Jae Phaer[i] Gira[n]thh Sodhhiaa Lorreeai Tha Jaganae BraahmaN Dhae Gri[n]thh naal[i] Sudhh Kar[i] LaieiO |
If there needs to be cross-reference proofreading required then please refer to Jaganaa Brahmin’s Saroop
Hornaa[n] Gira[n]thhaa[n] naalah[u] Jaganae BraahmaN Dhaa Gira[n]thh Sudhh Keethaa, Puhakar Dhaa Gira[n]thh Jaganae Dhae Gira[n]thh naal[i] Sudhh Keeaa Hai|
Most other saroops have been correct based off of Jaganaa Brahmin’s Saroop.
The Puhakar Saroop was proofread based off of this Saroop as well.

Likhaaree Seethal Singh Bahuroopeeaa (Seetal Singh Bahuroopia)
When Bhai Chaupaa Singh prepared the Rehitnaamay along with the help of the Mukthay then Bhai Seethal Singh Bahuroopeeaa copied them down and had them verified by Guru Sahib on 7 Jaett 1757 Bikrami/1700 CE. Bhai Chaupaa Singh refer to this copy in his own writings. Bhai Seethal Singh was the son of Bhai Raai Singh and the nephew of Bhai Mani Singh. The famous Bhai Maha Singh (from the Battle of Mukthsar Sahib) is Bhai Seethal Singh Ji’s real brother. So these three Singhs - father and sons - became Shaheed with the other Singhs at Sri Mukthsar Sahib on 30 Poh 1762 Bikrami/1705 CE.
Likhaaree Raushan Singh
The writer of Gurbilaas has written the story of Raushan Singh. Guru Sahib had commanded Raushan Singh to copy a few writings. Raushan Singh had a thought that maybe he should write down some of the Kavis’ poetry upon his thigh and publish them under his own pen name then he would become a famous poet. At this time, Guru Sahib commanded all the poets and scribes to do Ishnaan and come into Guru Sahib’s Hazoori. The result was that the ink on Raushan Singh’s thighs had been washed off. Raushan Singh felt quite embarrassed. After the session of Royal Court was held, Guru Sahib spoke to Raushan Singh alone and asked: Roshani Kee Rushnaaee, ChaanaNaa Kee Siaahee’ meaning: your name refers to shiny radiance but your actions are those which put black ink upon you (referring to mooh kaalaa-making your face black... Punjabi saying referring to bringing upon shame). Raushan Singh asked for forgiveness and the Form of Forgiveness – Guru Sahib – forgave him.
Likhaaree Paakhar Mal
Paakhar Mal was the grandson of the Chaudhary La[n]gaah of Chubhaal. In 1745 Bikrami/1688 CE, Paakhar Mal completed handwriting a saroop of Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji. There is note which gives us more information:
‘Ik Oankaar Sa[n]math 1745 Maagh Sudhee... Gra[n]thh Ji Likhiaa Pooran Hoaa’ Likhaaree Paakhar Mal Tdilo[n], Vaasee Cha[m]bhaal, Pothraa Chaudhharee La[n]gaah Kaa | Vaah Guroo’
Ik Oankaar Bikrami 1745 Month of Maagh, the Saroop was completed...
Scribed by Likhari Paakhar Mal Dhillon of Chambhaal, grandson of Chaudhary Langaa | Vahiguroo|
Likhaaree Bhai Shee[n]haa[n] Singh (Bhai Sheeha Singh)
After the Departure from Sri Anandpur Sahib, Bhai Sheehaa[n] Singh Likhari lived in Delhi with Mata Sundari Ji.  When Mata Ji wished to gather all of Maharaj’s Bani which was becoming missing then Bhai Mani Singh Ji was sent to Sri Amritsar Sahib and Bhai Sheehaa[n] Singh was one of the main scribes that gathered the materials to complete this task. Their name is found in the letter by Bhai Mani Singh:
‘Pothheeaa[n] Jo Jha[n]daa Si[n]gh Haathh[i] Bhaejee Thhee; Unaa[n] Vich[i] Saahibaa[n] Dhae 303 Charithar Upakhiaan’ Dhee Pothhee Jo Hai, So Shee[n]haa[n] Singh noo[n] Mahal vich DhaeNaa Jee’
Among the pothis which were sent with Bhai Jhandaa Singh, there is also 303 of Guru Sahib’s written Sri Charitaropakhyan, please go to Bhai Sheeha Singh and give it to him’
Likhaaree Raam Singh
Bhai Raam Singh was of a leather work background (chamaar) but Vaheguru had made him into a beautiful calligrapher. Staying with Guru Sahib, Bhai Raam Singh Ji scribed many Saroops.
Likhaaree Chhounaa Singh
Bhai Chhounaa Singh were also a clerk of Guru Sahib
Likhaaree Bulaakaa Singh
Bhai Bulaakaa singh was a scribe that prepared a manuscript of the rehatnaamay.
Likhaaree Saahib Singh
In Sau Sakhi, Likhaaree Saahib Singh’s name appears multiple times. Bhai Saahib Singh stayed in Guru’s Darbaar for a long time and then accompanied Bhai Raam Koeir Ji:
Saahib Singh Padh Saran Thuh[i], Likhae Likhaaree Gra[n]thh
Bhai Sahib Singh remained in the Sanctuary of Your Lotus Feet,
Scribing scriptures so know him as a Likhaaree.
Gur Anuchar Butdae Kulan, Raam Ku[n]var Subh Pa[n]thh
Following Guru Sahib and following Bhai Raam Koeir Ji of Baba Budhha Ji’s Lineage,
And so know that he walked on the right path,
Rahah[i] Hazoor Dasvae[n] Guroo, Karai Ukath[i] Jo Vaak
Staying in the Royal and Holy Presence of the 10th Guru,
Hearing the Special Commands of Guru Sahib

Guroo Rathan Maal Pothhee Likho[n] Jio[un] Gur Keeno Vaak
Then preparing binding of Guru Sahib’s Writings into pothi’s (books),
As Maharaj commanded.

(Sau Saakhee)

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