Heartbeat VIII: Be careful with who you give Your Heart to…

Heartbeat VIII: Be careful with who you give Your Heart to…
"This Dil [heart] is... nazooq [fragile], don't break it... Sambh Ke Rakho [keep it safe]" – Bhai Jagraj Singh

This Heart requires special care... who can understand the sensitive environment in which it flourishes? Who can we trust to take care of The Abode of The Beloved? We gave it to the winds that spread its pollen yet uprooted it. When we regained our strength, we gave it to the bees but they overstayed their welcome in the intoxication of attachment. When we rebuilt our stem, we gave it to the rains. However, they beat our petals to the ground. The bugs feasted on our roots. The sun-dried us brown. Our Trust is broken. This Flower blossoms for no one anymore... who should we blossom for?...
We don't wish to see anyone with their heart broken. So we present some situations where hearts were betrayed through the misdirection of our senses and emotions. We get into situations as a result of our emotional attachment [Moh], &/or lust [Kaam]. We get allured when others show interest in what we have to say. We get allured by beautiful features, unique habits, the friendliness of laughter, and seeing someone smile ear-to-ear. The mind subtly becomes hypnotized to this.

ਦੋਹਰਾ / Doharaa:
ਅਤਿ ਸੁੰਦਰਿ ਮ੍ਰਿਗ ਨੈਣੀ ਤ੍ਰੀਅਨਿ ਮੋਹਿਤ ਕਰੇ।
Ath[i] Su[n]dhar[i] Mrig naiNee Threean[i] Mohith Karae
The most beautiful with deer-like eyes,
causing even other women to be enamoured by you
ਸਸਕ ਕੁ ਨਾਕ ਮਦ ਬੈਣੀ ਭਗਤਿ ਭੰਗੰ ਸੁ ਮਰੇ।
Sasak Ku naak Madh BaiNee Bhagath[i] Bha[n]g[ng] Su Marae
With a rabbit-like nose and speaking as sweet as honey,
it destroys my Bhagati and causes me to face death...

(Original Doharaa, written a few years ago)

There's a term used in espionage [spies] called "honey pot/trap". It is used when a man or woman goes undercover and becomes extra close to their target. With the guise of being a lover, they are able to infiltrate their personal space. This is often done to diplomats or political leaders in order to blackmail them or to get secret information that they would not disclose to anyone under normal circumstances. They don't actually have any feelings for the person and are betraying their expectations for gain.

Painting depicting Delilah calling someone to cut the Kes of Samson (image from NatGeo)

A case of this comes in the Hebrew Bible (under Jewish & Christian reverence). Samson was a powerful Nazirite [a holy person who did not cut their hair and did not drink alcohol]. The Philistines were after him and wanted to find his weakness.  Samson fell in love with a Philistine woman named Delilah. She had been told by the Philistines to find his weakness. After lying to her 3 times, Samson gave into her emotional blackmail (Delilah said how can you say I love you if you can't tell me your secrets) and told her his secret: he did not let a razor near his head. This gave him power. Delilah then made him sleep on her lap and got someone to cut his hair. Samson lost his power given by Vaheguru and had both of his eyes gouged and then he died while killing other Philistines as revenge. (Judges 16)

Depiction of Maha Mohini Avatar

In Chaubees Avatar, Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj narrate an event when Vishnu took incarnation as the Most Beautiful Woman [called MahaMohini~Great Enticer] in order to seduce the demons. There was a great event called Samundhar-Manthan where the Great Cosmic Ocean was churned and out came many mythological creatures, powers, people, priceless treasures, etc. In order to prevent the demons from receiving the powerful objects which would throw the world into chaos, Vishnu took on this form of MahaMohini. Guru Sahib narrate to us that both the Angels & Demons dropped their weapons and formed a line to see MahaMohini. Vishnu then appropriately distributed the items which came out of the Ocean in order to maintain balance and order. (5th Avatar of Vishnu). Those who cannot control their senses are only bound to fall for these types of traps.
Although, people do not get honey-potted that often, we become honey-potted by our own expectations. We give so much for one person not realizing that they may have different expectations of us. Our own mind causes us to suffer because we gave everything to someone who did not reciprocate those efforts.

A depiction of a few Padmini's speaking to Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj (Full Painting available on Panjab Digital Library)

Often, we may put so much thought and effort into impressing someone but even if it succeeds, it will not truly bring us happiness. We put on a front that is not honest and over time, the person will be able to see your real self. Raja Shiv-Nabh of Sangladeep [modern day Sri Lanka] wanted to test Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji's Godliness by sending Padmini's [Astoundingly beautiful women] who were dancing in a seductive manner while dressed in the most beautiful clothing and jewelry. Kavi Santokh Singh describe this event as if Raja Shiv-Nabh was actually Cupid (Kaamdev). Maharaj advised them that they should meditate upon Satinaam[u], so they will make this life fulfilling and become at peace. Guru Maharaj commanded them not to waste their time in the taste of temporary pleasures, and worship Vaheguru in order to become liberated. The Padmini's asked Maharaj to enjoy their physical presence. The Padmini's fell in love with Maharaj's Glorious Physical Form but Maharaj gave them the Eternally Fulfilling Naam instead. We are fortunate to have such a Guru who will constantly bring us peace and never break our hearts. These Padmini's who sought validation through their physical bodies, now no longer run around wanting to be chased by men. Guru Sahib blessed them with the peace we are all looking for in other things and other people (Sri Nanak Prakash Utharardhh, Adhiyaye 47).

All of these enchanting people, qualities, things are part of a great mirage that makes us forget the Beloved Vaheguru who created the mirage of our existence.
Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj bless us with such a great teaching:
ਸਿਆਮ ਸੁੰਦਰ ਤਜਿ ਨੀਦ ਕਿਉ ਆਈ ॥
Siaam Su[n]dhar Taj needh Kio[u] Aaee
Forsaking my Handsome Vaheguru, how can I go to sleep?
ਮਹਾ ਮੋਹਨੀ ਦੂਤਾ ਲਾਈ ॥੧॥
Mahaa Mohanee Dhoothaa Laaee
The Great Enticing [Mirage of Maya] makes us become attached to what seem like others [making me forget Vaheguru]
(Raag Soohee, Ang 745)
Oh ਫੂਲਸ (Flowers/phool in Punjabi), we were fools! Why didn't we think of this earlier?...
The Flower of The Heart can only be offered to The Beloved Gardener who Planted It! The Beloved Gardener knows best and keeps the Flower alive despite all of the obstacles to its existence. What a Wonderful Gardener! This Flower always belonged to The Gardener! The Flower receives all its strength from The Beloved Gardener. Let us accept our true nature of being powerless. Let us surrender to The Beloved Gardener. We only Bloom because of His Radiance!

`The Carer will care for Your Heart (Art by BiblePhile)

ਇਹੁ ਜਗੁ ਵਾੜੀ ਮੇਰਾ ਪ੍ਰਭੁ ਮਾਲੀ ॥
Eihu Jag[u] Vaarree Maeraa Prabh[u] Maalee
This world is a garden, my Vaheguru is the Gardener.
ਸਦਾ ਸਮਾਲੇ ਕੋ ਨਾਹੀ ਖਾਲੀ ॥
Sadhaa Samaalae Ko naahee Khaalee
Vaheguru always takes care of us, there is no one outside of Vaheguru's Care.
ਜੇਹੀ ਵਾਸਨਾ ਪਾਏ ਤੇਹੀ ਵਰਤੈ ਵਾਸੂ ਵਾਸੁ ਜਣਾਵਣਿਆ ॥੫॥
Jaehee Vaasanaa Paa-ae Thaehee Varthai Vaasoo Vaas[u] JaNaavaNiaa
Whatever Fragrance Vaheguru places, that's what we emanate...
through the Fragrance we realize the Fragrant-One

(Dhan Dhan Guru Amardas Sahib Ji Maharaj, Raag Maajh, Ang 117)

Let us be careful to whom we offer our hearts too. There are many who do not look for our benefit but only their own. There are many we fantasize about but then our bubbles burst. Remember & fall in love with that Beloved whom when we love, will liberate us.

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